U2 Albums

A few weeks ago, Patton Oswalt was performing in Anchorage and told a story about being in Alaska in 1994 and referenced Zooropa. He said Zooropa was U2’s worst album. In my head, I objected, but then I went through the exercise of listing them in order…well, shucks. 1. Achtung Baby (1991) 2. The Joshua […]

Lyrics: More Than Words (Part Five)

In honor of the New Year, here are three songs to get you reflecting on 2007 and on 2008. “A Long December” – Counting Crows from Recovering the Satellites A long December and there’s reason to believe Maybe this year will be better than the last I can’t remember the last thing that you said […]

What Were the 90’s All About?: Bono

How can you define the 90’s when there is such a variety? The 90’s through the many faces phases of Bono. 1990 (Early Achtung sessions in Berlin) 1991 (Achtung Baby sessions) 1992 (ZooTV) 1993 (ZooTV/Zoomerang) 1994 (Remember the Sinatra duets/Grammy presentation?)1995 (Warchild) 1996 (Yeah, he’s wearing a Batman necklace)1997 (PopMart) 1998 (Is that Bono or […]