It’s fascinating how the human brain works, isn’t it? I’m sitting here reading an article about corrupt Alaskan politicians (allegedly corrupt) and the image of Garth Brooks trying out for the San Diego Padres crosses my mind….quick fact check takes that back to 98-99 (apparently he worked with the Mets in 2004, too). How does […]

Just a Couple Thoughts

While I have your attention… It’s been feeling more and more like fall everyday…then a beautiful day like today comes along. I’m getting more and more interested in Facebook. Did anyone think Medellin was going to be good? Gotta love fictional movies with real trailers, though…this is why Entourage is limitless. I like the Touch. […]

Randomness or What I Can Learn From Traffic Stats

It’s pretty standard in the blog world that if your posting frequency drops off, so goes your traffic. Life’s been pretty busy the last couple of weeks, but I really have no excuse for not posting. I’m adjusting to life in Alaska, but that’s no excuse. I’ve moved into my new apartment (as sparse as […]