The Presidential Voice,Part Five: President’s Day

Today is President’s Day in the U.S. It’s a day between Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (Feb 12) and George Washington’s birthday (Feb 22), but the honor is passed to all U.S. Presidents. I’ve seen lots of photos of Mt. Rushmore floating around the internet today. I know I’ve posed the question here before about who would […]

The Presidential Voice,Part Four: The Birth of America

Though the constitution says that the President must be a natural born citizen of the United States, the first several presidents were well along in life when the birth of the nation took place, but they have all been born on what would ultimately become U.S. soil. The nine candidates that I’ve been tracking in […]

The Presidential Voice,Part Three: Timing and Rhetoric

As I’m sure you’re aware, Barack Obama (D-IL) officially announced his intention of running for President in the 2008 election yesterday. There isn’t much suspense between when a potential candidate declares they are setting up an exploratory committee and when they announce they’re going ahead with their campaign, but don’t think for a moment that […]

The Presidential Voice,Part Two: A Question of Age

I’ve been developing an idea for a novel for years now wherein the central character wakes up on his 35th birthday with a neurotic borderline psychotic obsession with the idea that he’s now eligible to be President of the United States. 35 is the minimum age, though the youngest president to be sworn in was […]

The Presidential Voice,Part One: Disclosure

With all the candidates throwing their hats into the ring of the Presidential Election of 2008, I’ve been looking a lot at the major candidates and stacking them up against history. I definitely haven’t decided on a candidate. To kick off my series on this topic I feel it necessary to make a few disclosures. […]