Paste Magazine Mentions Anchorage Pizza

There’s a little Anchorage love in the newest issue of Paste Magazine. In the section titled “The Informer” July 26 is owned by a picture of Jeff Tweedy with the copy if you can’t read it “7/26 Wilco plays the 12th-anniversary party of some place called The Moose’s Tooth in Anchorage, Alaska.” I know a […]

New Music Tuesday: Make the Right Moves

(photo credit: Ko(char *)hook) I caught myself editing this post because I’ve been using too shiny of hyperbole to describe how excited I am that Josh Ritter’s new album is downloading from iTunes as I type. I’ve been hearing snippets for a few months and everything I’ve heard leads me to believe that it’s a […]

Stealing Julie Moffitt, Part Two

“All You Need Is Love” is track 11 on Magical Mystery Tour, “Bohemian Rhapsody” is track 11 on A Night at the Opera, and “Nightswimming” is track 11 on Automatic for the People. While many artists use track 11’s to close down their albums, Paste Magazine has used track 11 on their sampler for issue […]