What Were The 90’s All About?: Behind The Music

I’m having a hard time bringing the 90’s album series to a close, although 1999 is just around the corner. There are other posts I plan on creating revolving around the music of the 90’s. One aspect I thought might be interesting would be how I’ve put these posts together to this point. Other than […]

On Blogging Part Four: The Industrial Blog

In order to cure a case of the blogger’s block, I’m revisiting some ideas that I started but didn’t finish. Industrial blogging is a term that I believe I coined. There are two categories of Industrial blogs and sometimes a third category that combines the first two. The first category of Industrial blogging is a […]

On Blogging Part Two Point One (2.1) Linking and Deep Linking

I know that I’ve promised to return to my series on blogging, and I will, even more than this addendum. Over the past couple of months I’ve been linked to by some odd places. My post about Coffee People was briefly linked on Diedrich’s Google Finance page, which generated some traffic. As previously mentioned, I […]