New Music Tuesday: Covered Bridges of Portland

One album to recommend this week, as you can tell from the sparseness of the blog, I haven’t had a lot of time to put into it. That will change soon…life will slow back down after a period of adjustment. This week an interesting release came out. Bridging the Distance is a cover album from […]

New Music Tuesday: Modest Mouse Aren’t From Barcelona

Modest Mouse are following up their 2004 smash Good News For People Who Love Bad News with a very promising effort. We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank has the elements that make Modest Mouse’s music contagious and catchy. It’s also a great showcase of the melding of the Modest Mouse sound with new […]

New Music Tuesday: Aqualung’s Memory Man

Sometimes an artist gets lost in a shuffle. This could mean the way I shuffle 25400+ songs in iTunes and sometimes get surprised when a really great song comes on that I may have missed years before. This also could mean when record labels consolidate and conglomerate and the artists end up feeling the pain […]

New Music Tuesday: Delays, Tributes, and Things I Hope You Haven’t Forgotten

This week’s new releases aren’t nearly as exciting as last week’s releases from the Shins and Of Montreal. Two albums released in the US this week have been available in the UK and elsewhere for quite some time. Lily Allen is the darling of the internet and she’s also playing SaturdayNight Live this weekend, so […]