New Music Tuesday: Delays, Tributes, and Things I Hope You Haven’t Forgotten

This week’s new releases aren’t nearly as exciting as last week’s releases from the Shins and Of Montreal. Two albums released in the US this week have been available in the UK and elsewhere for quite some time. Lily Allen is the darling of the internet and she’s also playing SaturdayNight Live this weekend, so […]

New Music Tuesday: The Cover of Paste Magazine; It’ll Change Your Life

It’s a line, of course, from Garden State when we as an audience are indirectly and Andrew Largeman directly are promised that The Shins “New Slang” would change his and our lives. In a way, I’m sure it made an impact and a step in the right direction for indie music, but I’m certain that […]

New Music Tuesday: America Always Told Me That Bars Are Dark And Lonely

In the early 70’s the band America took the world by surprise. Their song “Ventura Highway” is still a common tune to get mixed into my iPod. They enjoyed several hits in the 70’s and being produced by Beatles producer George Martin doesn’t hurt your cred. They were compared to Crosby Stills Nash and Young. […]

Everyday Album Series: Blue Merle, Burning in the Sun

Blue Merle’s “Every Ship Must Sail Away” was one of the first iTunes Store free singles of the week back in January of 2005. Blue Merle drew a lot of comparisons to a Nashvillian Coldplay. Their songs are solid and fresh with something for everyone and every mood. I recommend the tracks “Seeing Through You”, […]

Everyday Album Series: Athlete, Tourist (2005)

It’s well known that Pitchfork Media has a big influence on this new era of music. They’ve made some big successes over the years just by hyping particular artists and albums. When Athlete released their sophomore effort in Tourist, Pitchfork didn’t bite. They reviewed it poorly. It took me a while to get my hands […]