Everyday Albums of 2010, Josh Ritter, So Runs The World Away

Everyday Albums is a series of album reviews wherein the album could be listened to everyday. This series will examine the best of those from 2010. If you’ve been paying attention to MKinMotion for anytime at all, this comes as no surprise: Josh Ritter is incredible…prepare for a string of superlatives. The last three albums […]

Josh Ritter and Dawn Landes in Anchorage

I spent the week leading up to 1/31 trying to convince everyone I know to show up at UAA’s Wendy Williamson Auditorium on Saturday night for Josh Ritter’s show (mostly through Twitter). This was the third time I’ve seen Josh Ritter live. Once in a solo capacity like Saturday’s show and once with his band; […]

Ducks, Red Sox, Josh Ritter, Viruses, ReckenRoll and Snow

What a great all inclusive title for a summary of my weekend in Seattle. I got to see the Ducks beat the Huskies on Saturday. We got there early to do a little tailgating and it was just in time to catch the Ducks getting off the buses and heading into the locker room. It’s […]

New Music Tuesday: Make the Right Moves

(photo credit: Ko(char *)hook) I caught myself editing this post because I’ve been using too shiny of hyperbole to describe how excited I am that Josh Ritter’s new album is downloading from iTunes as I type. I’ve been hearing snippets for a few months and everything I’ve heard leads me to believe that it’s a […]

Josh Ritter @ Swedish American Hall: In Good Company

Josh Ritter solidified himself on a list I’ve had bouncing around in my head last night. He’s on the list of my generation’s best songwriters. At 30, he’s already able to write (dare I say it) Dylanesque or Springsteenesque (both Bob and Bruce are listed as influences) songs that express a uniquely Ritteresque perspective. Okay, […]