What Were The 90’s All About?: 1999

It can be argued…It can be argued that White Ladder didn’t get discovered until 2001…It can be argued that The Man Who didn’t get discovered until 2000…It can be argued that Californication was derivative of previous RHCP releases…It can be argued that Blue (specifically “Never Let You Go”) killed the 3EB momentum… All of these […]

What Were the 90’s All About?: 1998

1998…Madonna redefined herself, Shawn Mullins inadvertently invented a sub-genre, and again the music industry evolved a little. 1. Before the Crowded Streets, Dave Matthews Band (probably their one true masterpiece album)2. Hello Nasty, Beastie Boys3. Soul’s Core, Shawn Mullins4. Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, Lucinda Williams5. XO, Elliot Smith Honorable Mentions: Feeling Strangely Fine, […]

What Were the 90’s All About?: 1997

OK Computer might have been the masterpiece that defined the 90’s (I’ve heard it compared to Sgt. Pepper’s effect on culture in 1968). Matthew Ryan released his ambitious debut album with 6 songs that would show up on a greatest hits album if he made one. The tide turned in 1997 again with Sarah McLachlan […]

What Were the 90’s All About?: 1996

It’s not like 1996 was a thin year for music…because there are some epic albums, but in hindsight it feels more like a setting of the stage than an epic year. 1. Recovering the Satellites, Counting Crows2. Being There, Wilco3. Bringing Down the Horse, The Wallflowers4. Yourself and Someone Like You, Matchbox 20 (if you […]

What Were the 90’s All About?: 1995

The 90’s are littered with great soundtracks and 1995 is no exception with Empire Records, Clueless, and technically Original Soundtracks 1 from Passengers being released. In the soundtrack of my life I think there could be songs from all of these albums including the honorable mentions. 1. The Ghost of Tom Joad, Bruce Springsteen2. Jagged […]

What Were the 90’s All About?: 1994

In 1994 we got punched in the face with Kurt Cobain taking his life, but music continued, despite the Don McLean lyrics. Johnny Cash re-emerged from the ashes and won over a whole new audience, Weezer defined power pop rock and haven’t apologized, and Jeff Buckley released what would ultimately be his only studio album […]

What Were the 90’s All About?: 1992

1992 saw the Clinton win from out of nowhere, saw grunge make a big move with Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam and Nirvana all become mainstays, and Eric Clapton might have temporarily lost his balls cool. Great albums that continued the trend of redefinition and genre introduction came through in 1992. 1. […]

What Were the 90’s All About?: 1991

I still contend the music revolution started in 1989, but 1991 was probably the most significant movement towards where we are today. The five albums I list we epic, defining and told us that things were changing whether we were listening to pop radio or the newly debuted Alternative radio. I can still remember the […]