MKinMotion (Pronounced: Em-Kay in Moshun) is Matt Keortge.  The MK is simply his initials, at one point he was MKinAK, but a brief relocation from Alaska to California triggered the switch to MKinMotion.

Born and raised in the Portland, Oregon area, Matt moved to Anchorage, Alaska in the summer of 2002.  At first it was on a whim and because of poor economic conditions in Portland.  Fly fishing, economic prospects, adventure, and a couple of lifelong friends were the big draw for Alaska.  After getting a decent job a few weeks into life in Alaska, Matt stayed until a brief 14 month furlough for all of 2006 and 2 months of 2007.

Matt is a big fan of music, actively pursuing the next big thing, analyzing the industry and occasionally dropping everything to follow U2 across the continent. MKinMotion was in its prime back in 2005-2007 and has struggled to find its voice in a Twitter short form world.

In late 2011, Matt moved from Anchorage, Alaska to Austin, Texas. He’s now working as Director of Operations at a telecommunications company that focuses on providing residential network services to higher education housing.

No matter where he goes, he always has the feeling he’s a tourist, hence the Constant Tourist theme.

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