Some Thoughts on Luke Perry from One Stroke Survivor

Luke Perry passed 3/4/2019 due to complications of a massive stroke he had 4 days prior. As I approach 4 years post-stroke, I can’t help comparing the two of us. He was 52. I was 40. Both too young for a stroke. That’s about it for things Luke Perry and I had in common. I’m sure there are several reasons that the average age of people having strokes is coming down over the years. I’m not well-read enough to know why. I only have my own experience, but I’ve had lots of interactions with fellow Brain injury survivors; certainly enough to know they are all different, and that we are all different with different stories of rescue, recovery, and rehab. I emerged to feel my “new normal” about a month relieved to have survived, because it was dicey there for a while. If it weren’t for some quick thinking and acting by friends my story would have been much different Ass details come out it will be interesting to see the details and tick-tock of his story.

But honestly, I don’t know how I feel or how I’m supposed to feel. I’m certain that I’m not feeling any Survivor’s guilt. After putting together as much of my story as I may ever be able to do, I know that I was lucky, what else can I say when I beat such odds? It’s easy to say I could have it worse, because I could, but rather look back on all my regrets, I’ve learned to focus on what I can control or change; and that’s the now

I wish I were half the patient, kind-hearted, gentleman he was in Colin’s story. Being a silent and polite jet passenger, I found Colin Hanks’ anecdote inspiring and a rather inspiring ideal image of how humanity should be. It’s no wonder why so many people who interacted with him are so generous with their words of praise. It’s pretty easy to be cynical when a celebrity passes and social media blows up over it. Better to celebrate someone’s impact while they are alive and perhaps live a life that deserves praise for our impact with the life we have.

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