Catching Up 2015Part One:Rescue

I was thinking I was going to  type out this part of the story, but then I remembered I rambled my way through the first part of the story in this terrible video

So to summarize, where that video leaves off, the world goes dark as I pass out in the back of the ambulance taking me to the Emergency Department(cough-coughI know..I know.. it’s their title, not mine.)at Brackenridge Hospital University Medical Center from there, I’ve gathered that my parents and sister were called as I was at work and they were listed as my emergencycontacts (little advice to you ..from me..): Make sure you know whose listed as your emergency contacts at work, at the gym, and where you live. Make sure they are accurate

Some Day I’ll attempt to try to describe the dreamland I slipped into for the next few weeks. (Weeks,yes. As I’ve worked on trying to put a timeline of events together, I may just have to accept that “weeks” may be as close as I get to any accurate accounting of time. While in this comatose state,I heard and recognized lots of voices through that time, some still unexplained. But eventually I woke up. I DID Wake up!woke up surrounded by friends and family with an incredible headache, but with a voracious hunger for information about where all that time went. The first lucid thought I remember having was just give me a few days to get some rest and I’ll get right back to the life I was living before.surprised everything I missed. Keep in mind as I type this it’s 2017. Nearly 2018. So as my favorite comedian, Mike Birbiglia says in his debut film as an aside as he breaks the fourth wall expecting that the audience has turned on him, Sleep Walk With me, “I know, I’m in the future too” when he winces at behavior in  It’s a semi-autobiographical film, book and which I can truly recommend or his film/stand-up special My girlfriend’s boyfriend (Available on Netflix to stream, resonates with the kind of luck I’ve had in romance

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