EmptyingTwitter Drafts

  1. So it appears I havent written a formal Blog article/post since the end of 2013. Without pressin the obvious MKinMotion2006 would have a hard time recognizing MKinMotion2017 Life has changed; the world has change;d and that’s really what has me coming back and sniffing around the ol’ long form
    A couple of themes i’ll talk to will be literally straight out of my Twitter drafts which seem to point to two two topics near and dear to me these days: 1.
  2. 1.politics, but before you groan, hear me out democracy AND politicsi n2017..I was born and raised in the Portland Oregon area and have never lost at an opportunity to defend my homeland and have never been defeated at sticking up for the Oregon state of mind that favors moderate views limitless discovery; the new West; kindness and politeness above most things. where political arguments are settled with the offer of another beer or shot of espresso(seldom expresso, or a tip on picking a good wine to take to a hip genuine adult dinner party
  3. 2. My continued one-man Corps of Discovery of #LifeAfter (yep hashtagged a blog post  my 2015 Massive stroke (Often in the guise of Stroke Awareness that largely robbed me of so much I loved and the life in Austin,TexAS I’d built from scratch

Since 2007, MKinmotion.com has largely shrank to become a somewhatsimilar opinionatedpersona on Twitter and I fell deep for Microblogging and it wasn’t til sometime in 2009 when an Alaskan Twitter friend pointed out, over saltysnacks at Darwin’s theory; a tired,Somewhat famous dive bar in downtown Anchorage in Downtown Anchorage in which i could almost never be found rarely m

politics, 2.#MyLifeA8fterbut really what hasnt in the lasttwo about those two subjects have been all but lost due to that pesky character limit

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