Everyday Albums of 2010, Kasey Anderson, Nowhere Nights

Everyday Albums is a series of album reviews wherein the album could be listened to everyday. This series will examine the best of those from 2010.

I hadn’t heard of Kasey Anderson until I was in Portland to see Matthew Ryan play in February of 2010. He was opening for Matthew Ryan. Earlier in the evening Matthew Ryan and Kasey Anderson played a brief set at Music Millennium. One of the photos I took was even grabbed and put on Kasey’s Facebook page
Nowhere Nights is a great collection of songs. There’s a tone to the songs that stitches them together into one cohesive work.
Being from the Pacific Northwest, I can identify with one of his themes. There are good things and bad about your hometown and sometimes it seems what you miss isn’t the right stuff. In the opening track “Bellingham Blues” and “Home” both have this sense.

“In a town this small, either play your hand a little closer to the vest or you don’t play at all.”

There’s a sea of singer-songwriters out in the industry these days, and as unique and genuine as Kasey Anderson’s music is, he’s largely ignored by the big business music world. With Anderson’s voice and the darker tone of his songs, Nowhere Nights reminds me of a Pacific Northwest version of a Drive-By Truckers album. Another must listen track is “Like Teenage Gravity.” With the piano and guitar working together it delivers the message.

“And all my friends told me, you don’t need laws to tell. If it feels like falling, boy, you probably already fell. The whole table saw your hand, you might as well just play it. You ain’t foolin’ no one, you might as well just say it…I guess I’m in love.”

The album has a great balance between Kasey just singing and playing guitar in the way that I saw him play in Portland and utilizing his band to fill in the mood. On “Real Gone” the electric guitar and drums help drive home the emotion of the chorus.
The album is brilliant and should be added to your collection. I’m already looking forward to hearing the next collection of songs from Kasey. You can find Nowhere Nights at Amazon or iTunes. Also, follow Kasey on Twitter for pithy observations, cultural criticism, and gigs from the Portland based artist.

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