Everyday Albums of 2010, Arcade Fire, The Suburbs

Everyday Albums is a series of album reviews wherein the album could be listened to everyday. This series will examine the best of those from 2010.
I’ve said before that I learned about Arcade Fire late enough to not be considered in-the-know, but early enough that I rode the wave in 2005 as they caught fire. Their debut album Funeral is still a favorite of mine and made my best of decade list. I liked their second album Neon Bible, but not as much as Funeral. Bands tend to struggle sometimes with making a third album. My first listen of The Suburbs was met with less than enthusiastic ideas. However, I didn’t give up. The more I listened the more I started to discover really great moments on the album. If a band can string together enough great moments onto one album it makes a huge difference.
The opening track “The Suburbs” has a great feel. There are lots of images that ring true to my upbringing in a suburban cul-de-sac.
Ready to Start makes me bob my head and tap my foot. It’s pretty powerful.

“All the kids have always known, that the emperor wears no clothes, but they bow down to him anyway, it’s better than being alone.”

The third track “Modern Man” makes me play air guitar. It’s got a great rhythm and feels the most like a pop single on the album.
“City With No Children” is another song that looks at the transition from childhood to adulthood and the turmoil that happens at those moments.
The whole album is chock full of great moments and energy. Definitely worth picking up and adding to your collection.

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