Who Should Replace Steve Carell on The Office?

10. Parker Posey (Great for mockumentaries; see Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman)

9. Maura Tierney

8. Sean William Scott

7. Queen Latifah (yes, seriously)

6. David Wallace/Andy Buckley (His breakdown was classic)

5. Richard Schiff (Played grumpy, I miss Toby)

4. Eric Estrada (Why not?)

3. Luke Wilson (Played with naivety, of course)

2. Rob Lowe (Similar character to his guest appearance on Parks and Rec)  […apparently he’s already on TV on a show I don’t watch]

1. Jason Bateman (Played straight ala Michael Bluth)

Disclaimer: I don’t own rights to any images used in this post, but no one reads this so your property is safe.

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