Memes: Who Starts These Things, Anyway?!?

They used to be part of the repertoire of those who sent lots of forwarded emails. Now it happens more with Myspace bulletins and blogs. So where do they come from? Who writes the jokes, the stories, the urban legends, or the lists of favorites? I wouldn’t be surprised if they all originated with Nigerian princes. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about a thread on the old forum on the BLB website. Long since lost and likely forgotten, at the time it provided hours of entertainment. It consisted of everyone involved with the BLB project listing 20 things about themselves that people didn’t know. It got creative, funny, and also educational too. So, if you feel like beating me to the punch, (I’m contemplating starting the meme) type up 20 things about yourself on your blog and include a link to this post so I see it. If nothing else, you’ll get a link from me.

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