An Emerald Weekend

This weekend I’ll be in Seattle having a ReckenRoll weekend. While Josh Ritter at the Showbox and the Oregon Ducks at Husky Stadium are on the docket, my real challenge is to be featured on ReckenRoll’s “Things I learned this weekend” or weekend quotes series. Stay tuned to flickr and twitter…

You might be asking yourself, or be tempted to ask me “What happened with the Red Sox?” Don’t make me be the one to have to explain that this is the misery we as Red Sox fans lived with for years, even losing to Cleveland in 1998 and 1995. I was upset being down 2-1 because in a 7 game series, being down 2-1 and being up 2-1 are virtually the same thing. I still haven’t given up all hope of winning the series, but I stopped watching and listening to tonight’s game after the 5th inning because it was making me physically ill. Though, I’m sure Jnard is pleased.

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