Name My Moose

Over the last few weeks, I’ve heard some strange noises coming from outside my bedroom window after I’ve gone to bed. I couldn’t put my finger on what it was and figured it was the building settling or the ducts expanding and contracting with the cold air/hot air phenomenon. Nothing alarming enough for me to get up and check it out. I’m starting to form some pretty valid conclusions about what the noises could have been. I came home later than usual on Thursday night after a hockey game, got out of my truck and started to walk toward my front door when up from the ground springs a moose that had been bedding down in my front yard. All the signs are there that he/she has been out there quite often lately. In fact, he/she is out there right now. Despite it pouring down rain and being in the low to mid 30’s, it’s just laying low, literally in a spot where it’s protected from the road by my truck, my neighbor’s truck and a big bush. I’ve seen the moose out in the backyard, on the side of the house and where he/she lays now. Moose seem like docile creatures, and seem quite slow and tame too. Because of their sheer size, one must be very careful about being around moose. They get defensive of young, and are fairly unpredictable…and a little stubborn too. I don’t mind having him/her out there, but when it comes time to come and go from my apartment, I need to get him/her to move far enough away that I can pass without being in range of attack. I figure if I have to get in a habit of shoeing him/her away having a name would make a difference. So, I’m asking you the readers to submit names via comments to name this moose of unknown gender. Androgynous names preferred, but be as creative as you want. I’ll get a photo to post once it’s been named.

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  1. Lu? Lu can go either way.

    Although, I am thinking that it needs a Russian name: Sasha?

    Not super creative but that’s just where my brain is today.

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