How To Reach Me

In my weekly meeting with an ad agency, I brought up the fact that our advertising is not reaching me. I was told I am in a unique demographic that advertisers everywhere are trying to reach.

I rarely read the newspaper. I get the majority of my news online.
I only listen to 15 minutes of commercial radio a day. I listen to NPR, podcasts and music on my iPod.
I watch the majority of my television post-broadcast via Tivo skipping through the advertisements. I don’t watch local news, network prime time programming (with a few exceptions; LOST, The Office). I enjoy a good TV spot, so when I watch sports or other TV, I am very aware of what ads are running.
I don’t eat fast food or drink big brand beer. I avoid Wal-Mart.

My demographic is valuable, despite its elusiveness because in theory I have disposable income, a desire to be on the cutting edge of technology, vehicles, and entertainment. I’m old enough that I still pay for music; young enough that I still get out to see live music and go to movies; and active enough in my geography that I require clothing and equipment for all seasons and climates. It will be a challenge for those who make/sell products as well as those who produce ads for such products to reach generations that continue to go further and further from the traditional big three mediums of newsprint, television and radio. It’s already clear those in the print, television and radio industries are doing all they can to keep their mediums as the dominant distribution of content.

If you’re not recognizing the messages advertisers are throwing at you, you should. There is lots of research and analysis going into every ad placed. If for no other reason, you’ll know what demographics are behaving the same way as you.

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  1. It is remarkable, hey?

    I spent this past weekend noticing all the different advertising spewed at me…. and NONE of it had any effect (aside from a couple of instances where I actually became nauseous and determined to never have anything to do with a company).

    It’s a strange time to be alive and witness all the changes that are accelerating around us.

    Advertising, by and large, sucks.

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