Just a Couple Thoughts

While I have your attention…

It’s been feeling more and more like fall everyday…then a beautiful day like today comes along.

I’m getting more and more interested in Facebook.

Did anyone think Medellin was going to be good? Gotta love fictional movies with real trailers, though…this is why Entourage is limitless.

I like the Touch.

Weighing Halloween costume options. (1,2,3,4,5) In Alaska, Halloween is one of the biggest holidays. Feel free to weigh in on my decision making process.

People knock Twitter for it’s simplicity, yet I think it’s the simplicity that will win in the end.

Didn’t notice ReckenRoll is back in the USA? She’s back and also back to blogging.

Going on a photo shoot Friday…gonna try to glean some tips from the pro.

That’s all I’ve got tonight.

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