@mkinmotion.com: Why Email Still Rules

I had my first email address in 1996, it was @juno.com. I know full well that plenty of people had email prior to that, but I was still an early adopter as far as my circle of friends went. I think of the class that just graduated high school…they were born in 1989. It doesn’t take much thought beyond that to both blow my mind and clue me into the fact that they’ve never really operated without the web…and in fact, it might be safe to say they haven’t operated without the web as we know it today. Lots of innovations have come along since 1996 when I got my first email address, but email still remains one of the most powerful means of communication despite the innovations. If someone really wants to tell me something, the best way to communicate it to me is via email. Whether it’s work, friends, family, etc. email still rules.

Communication experts tell you that only 7% of communication is solely through the actual words used. The other 93% of communication is through verbal and non-verbal tones and gestures that help communicate the message. In email, it’s both a blessing and a curse to cut the 93% out of your message. It might be a challenge to convey tone or sarcasm or humor or all the other mediums of conversation. It might not give you the instant gratification, but there are other advantages. Responses can be thought out, articulated and measured. Information is documented and can be found later. I love the star feature in gmail. If I get an email that I either want to take more time later to read or reply to, I star it and every evening or morning if I’m too busy, I go to my starred mail and read and respond…rather than focusing on clearing my inbox as the task.

Today there’s an ongoing movement to abandon email and rely strictly on other mediums like Facebook messaging, Myspace [which I’m in hate with right now] messaging, twitter, blogging, text messaging, etc. I don’t think we’re there yet, but I can see a day coming when writing someone a personal email is viewed as antique as receiving a letter in the mail…you know the hand written type…

Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is that email is a fundamental communication medium. If you’re trying to get a hold of me any other way, you’re likely just not talking my language. Though I still might want to be your “friend” on facebook or your follower on twitter…both of which can use email to find people in your contact list. It might be because email is the prime medium for communication in my job, or it might be my natural tendency for writing rather than speaking, or it maybe hanging on to the past…’cause 1996 was a great year. Incidentally, if you emailed me at the Juno.com address, you’re several lifetimes behind.

Another incidental. I didn’t mention facebook back in June when I listed 6 things I wish you all had, but I’m coming around to it and if you’re on it, look me up…or for all other things…


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  1. 80% of my job is email. 10% IM and 10% old school face to face conversation.

    I am online all day.

  2. Being up here, there are a ton of people that I’ve never spoken to, let alone met in person…they’re just an email address to me. There are even more that I’ve only spoken to on the phone and emailed. Very few have I met face to face.

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