New Music Tuesday: Make the Right Moves

(photo credit: Ko(char *)hook)

I caught myself editing this post because I’ve been using too shiny of hyperbole to describe how excited I am that Josh Ritter’s new album is downloading from iTunes as I type. I’ve been hearing snippets for a few months and everything I’ve heard leads me to believe that it’s a great follow up to The Animal Years (#6 best album of 2006). When I saw Josh play at the Swedish American Hall just before I left California for Alaska, it was a sweet sweet cherry on the top of a wonderful sundae of live music in my time down there. Well, although I’ve begged a little, I doubt that Josh Ritter will be scheduling any Anchorage dates this time around…but at least he’s supplying plenty of music to make up for it. If you’ve listened to any of Ritter’s music, it’s clear that his narrative style is reminiscent of Guthrie and Springsteen…if it sounds like he’s smiling while he’s singing, it’s a good chance he is. The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter has all the promise to cement itself ready to top the 2007 list of best albums. If you’re not convinced by my preview, do a little investigation for yourself. You can download the Paste Culture Club podcast from 7/27/07 for samples or his website. iTunes has the album for just $9.99 but it contains 19 tracks (5 bonus tracks) and you can’t go too far on the internet without stumbling upon the leaked track “To The Dogs or Whoever.” You should also take a swing at “Right Moves.” Portland, he’s coming at you for two shows at the Aladdin, so get out there and show the Idaho native some lovin’…you won’t regret it. His tour, sponsored by Paste Magazine, and involves his full band. The dates are below.

Speaking of Paste, in answer to my issue of having not received a CD sampler in one of my magazines, their customer service department (pretty sure it’s outsourced) added a month to my subscription as an apology.

Another note, while I’m taking the time for a rare post, if you’re on Myspace, you’ll need to check out the songs Matthew Ryan’s been posting…lots of good stuff. I’m in hate with Myspace right now, but seeing as MRyan was the reason I started an account, I’m still loyal to his posted music.

03-Oct-07 Northampton, MA – Pearl Street Ballroom
04-Oct-07 Boston, MA Somerville Theater
05-Oct-07 Boston, MA Somerville Theater
06-Oct-07 Westport CT – TBC

09-Oct-07 Washington D.C. 9:30 Club
11-Oct-07 Charlottesville, VA – TBC
13-Oct-07 Lewisburg, WV – Carnegie Hall Performing Arts Center
14-Oct-07 Charleston, WV – Mountain Stage radio show
15-Oct-07 Ann Arbor, MI – Blind Pig
16-Oct-07 Chicago, IL – Park West
17-Oct-07 Minneapolis, MN – Cedar Cultural Center
18-Oct-07 Boulder, CO – Fox Theater
20-Oct-07 Boise, ID – Egyptian Theater
21-Oct-07 Seattle – Showbox
22-Oct-07 Portland – Aladdin Theater
23-Oct-07 Portland – Aladdin Theater
24-Oct-07 San Francisco – Bimbo’s 365 Club
25-Oct-07 Los Angeles – El Rey
27-Oct-07 Tucson, AZ -Plush
29-Oct-07 Austin, TX – the Parish
31-Oct-07 Birmingham AL – Workplay
01-Nov-07 Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse
02-Nov-07 Nashville, TN – Exit-Inn
03-Nov-07 Louisville, KY – Headliners
04-Nov-07 Cincinnati, OH – Southgate House
0?-Nov-07 Carrborro, NC – Cat’s Cradle – TBC
07-Nov-07 Philadelphia – World Cafe Live
09-Nov-07 New York – Webster Hall

Concert dates cut and pasted from email rec’d from publicist, so make sure to check with your local sources to confirm date and venues.

Also releasing 8/21 is the new Rilo Kiley, Under the Black Light (though not available yet at midnight EST like Josh Ritter). An album I was excited about until I heard the first single, “The Money Maker” and was a bit disappointed.

I should also mention that I’ve really been digging Eisley’s new album, Combinations, it’s pretty rockin compared to their previous work.

UPDATE: After listening to The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter most of the day today, I can thoroughly and whole heartedly recommend you pick it up. A little bit of everything for everyone.

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