What Were The 90’s All About?: Behind The Music

I’m having a hard time bringing the 90’s album series to a close, although 1999 is just around the corner. There are other posts I plan on creating revolving around the music of the 90’s. One aspect I thought might be interesting would be how I’ve put these posts together to this point. Other than the many faces of Bono post, the others all entailed a particular structure. Going in order of year helped, because I knew exactly what the topic of my next post was going to be. Sometimes structure is a good thing in blogging…sometimes it’s just what you need to push through a pretty uneventful month.

I have a smart playlist created in iTunes that sorts out albums by year released. I edit the smart playlist to the year I’m researching. I press play and shuffle the songs. Sometimes this has taken longer than other times either because of the amount of great music or the number of distractions. Listening to the music while I do other things really helps me get into the time machine and journey back to the 90’s. The project that I started out to do was to look at the most influential albums of the 90’s, so there are lots of great songs that didn’t make the cut, so I’ll put together a 90’s songs list for the one, two and three hit wonders that came to fruition in the decade. Several albums got left out because they weren’t influential until much later or they might have been great albums, but I don’t consider them influential. In the same way the decade is hard to define, so is an influential album without an entire post per album to justify my opinion, so a lot of biting of the tongue occurred. I take a look through the albums released during that year that I might not have representation of in iTunes (I have 115+ gigs of music with 26+ gigs falling between 1990 and 1999, so it’s fair to say there’s lots of representation) via Wikipedia. I try to put the top 5 in some sort of order but feel a lot better when I think that they aren’t necessarily in order otherwise I’ll want to go back and change them back and forth all the time. The topic generated a lot of discussion on and off (mostly off) the blog, so it struck a chord somewhere.

What’s the next series for MKinMotion.com? Whoever suggests the best topic wins the generous prize of thanks and recognition. And by the way, I’ve been listening to 1999 music for what seems like forever now, so the post will come along soon.

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