What Were the 90’s All About?: 1990

The 60’s have been celebrated, the 70’s have been celebrated, even the 80’s are glorified…it will be interesting to see how history remembers the 1990’s. There are certain images that come to mind when those decades are discussed with a musical context; the 90’s are perhaps too recent to put into context, but there are some definitive albums from my experience of the 90’s. I wanted to take a minute and remind you of some great albums from the 90’s that definitely shaped my musical path.

In 1990, there were some really significant releases (Uncle Tupelo’s No Depression, for one) but the albums that effected me the most were:

1. Shake Your Money Maker – The Black Crowes
2. Listen Without Prejudice – George Michael
3. Goodbye Jumbo – World Party
4. Flood – They Might Be Giants
5. Violator – Depeche Mode

Honorable mention for 1990: Time’s Up, Living Colour; I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got, Sinead O’Connor; Ritual de lo Habitual, Jane’s Addiction; Charmed Life, Billy Idol

Over the next few days, I will go through each year of the 90’s highlighting great albums then and great albums that stand the test of time. What were your favorite albums from the 90’s? Send your answers to matt[at]mkinmotion[dot]com.

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