New Music Tuesday: Catching Up On Tuesdays

It’s been a few weeks since my last New Music Tuesday. I wanted to spotlight 4 albums that have been released over the last few weeks. All end up being great summer music, so it’s fitting they’re in rotation now.

Josh Rouse – Country Mouse, City House (iTunes) (Amazon)
This one came out today. It reminds me of his live show I saw last May. It’s very solid and fun. You can even catch him smiling through the songs from time to time. If you’re gonna do the one song to help you decide thing, I recommend “Hollywood Bass Player” or “Nice to Fit In.”

Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger (iTunes) (Amazon)
You may not trust my Ryan Adams review because I think the more of this guy we get to hear, the better his catalog starts to be. Easy Tiger is another classic. There are moments when I swear I’m back in 2001 listening to Heartbreaker or Gold and there are moments when the presence of the Cardinals is nice and obvious…you might even hear a little something reminiscent of Whiskeytown. A very solid record, and after all it had been since December of 2005 since his last release. Just do yourself a favor and pick up the album…but if you’re not sure, try “Off Broadway”, “Two” or “Halloweenhead.”

Spoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga (iTunes) (Amazon)
I’m hooked on this album. There are some great hooks on this album and as I mentioned for all of these albums, it’s classic summer music. Fun poppy with an edge, just waiting for you to pop it in your iPod and cruise around town. “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb” is definitely on my Summer of 2007 mixtape.

St. Vincent – Marry Me (iTunes) (Amazon)
St. Vincent is Annie Clark’s project. You may remember her from such indie classics as Sufjan Stevens and Polyphonic Spree. She’s got a lot of talent with a unique sound and songwriting vibe. My first impression a few months ago was that it was a pretty even blend of Sufjan and Regina Spektor…which makes for an original flow. Try on “Now.Now.” for size.

With the exception of the Ryan Adams record, the rest are also available on a great subscription service with lots of rare, exclusive, and independent music…not to mention a lot of free stuff too. If you’ve never checked it out, do it.

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