Today I posted my first post to launch a new digital medium. It’s called The Life Alaska. I’ve made reference to it vaguely over the last few months, but I decided today is the day to get it started. Stop by and get involved, it will only evolve from here. I’ll add the RSS feed from The Life Alaska to the sidebar of this blog so you will know when something new is there to discover.

Sneak Peek…

The Life Alaska is a concept I’ve had rattling around in my head for years. It started with TheBLBinAK website (now defunct) and came back into light when the explosion of blogs captured me in 2004. If you read my old blog back in the summer of 2005, it was loaded with notes on fishing trips and Alaskan adventures. Blogging had a whole different feel and meaning to me back then. My 16 month hiatus in California gave me a fresh perspective on where I’d like to go not only with blogging but also with the whole digital media realm. Over the next couple of weeks, The Life Alaska will begin to grow, develop and evolve. Other people will become involved…some already know about it and some have yet to discover their participation. My goal is to document digitally what it means to live The Life Alaska by taking sights, sounds, feels, stories, places and people and sharing them with other Alaskans and people around the world.

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