Colin Hay @ The Discovery Theater

Two things became evidently clear to me last night.

1. Colin Hay is an entertainer.
2. Colin Hay is a brilliant songwriter.

About 25 minutes into his performance, Colin Hay had played two songs but told several entertaining stories and several jokes. Not the typical pace of a concert, he notified the crowd, “this is how my show is…” Normally a musician might talk a bit between songs, but Colin Hay played a few songs between monologues. The stories he has and the way he can make a story about his luggage getting lost by Alaska Airlines entertaining kept the crowd almost more eager for his monologues than his music. Luckily for me and the rest of the Anchorage crowd, his music and his words were both entertaining. He knows who he is and he has no qualms about poking a little fun at himself in the process of engaging his audience. He mixed in a few of the Men at Work standards with some tracks from his latest album Are You Looking At Me? Quite a satisfying experience. It could go as a lesson to other singer/songwriters that booking a show in Anchorage can be a great experience. People show up, people respond, and judging by the number of CDs I saw in people’s hands, people buy merch.

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  1. I saw Colin Hay perform a couple of weeks ago in Melbourne, Australia – his former home town. He was brilliant and I agree half stand-up show, half music concert – one of the best night’s out I have had in awhile.

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