I read somewhere recently that a prominent blogger and new media personality won’t read anything by anyone who doesn’t publish under their real name. Some of the rationale is that a potential job would Google your name to find out what you’ve been up to. Well, Googling my name gets you here, despite me never using it. I’ve never blogged under my full name nor my real name. My real first name and my real initials, but I’ve shied away from using my real name. Another point made is that using your name gives you presence, which is one of the more valuable things on the web. I’m not sure I’m in it for the things that are valuable.
Well, I can tell you it’s not because of me. Although I have a rather unique last name, it doesn’t carry any industry authority, so I’ve never figured it would add any value to my words. My job also isn’t a glamorous web2.0 job. I am involved with gadgets, technology, statistics and marketing, but I’m not a celwebrity by any means. In the near future I’ll be launching a project that would benefit by me using my real name. So stay tuned as I will keep you in the loop as the new project gears up for launch. Until then, MKinMotion.

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