Back in the Cell Phone Business

Before the birth of this particular blog, I worked in the cell phone industry for 3 years. I worked in every facet of Customer Service to which I got well versed in the tech side of cell phones. Alaska is definitely behind the times when it comes to technology in most respects, so gadgety phones were always obsolete up here, because no one (not us or our competitors) supported all the functionality. Another piece of this (and I am going somewhere with this) is that there are no top tier carriers up here. The big boys (Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and Cingular/ATT) are perfectly content to let the carriers up here handle their customers when they travel…and believe me, carriers up here are more than happy to have them. Take all these factors and add to them the fact that as cell technology is advancing, the limits begin to fall away for Alaskan carriers. In the coming few years, I anticipate that cellular in Alaska could not be differentiated from cellular in SF or Seattle. That being said, I want you to take a moment and indulge me your habits and with your dreams. First your habits. Tell me the top 3 things you do with your cell phone currently that you couldn’t live without (making and receiving phone calls is a given).
To break the ice, mine are:
1. Email
2. Text Messaging
3. Web Browser (Scores and News)
Now your dreams. What is something that you wish you could do with your cell phone? I think I’d like to remotely start a car or tell my Tivo (yeah I finally got Tivo) to record The Office if I get dragged out to dinner. Maybe some phones can do this, but mine can’t.

Addendum: You can leave your must have habits and dreams in the comments or email me at matt[at]mkinmotion[dot]com.

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  1. Tivo control! That would be huge.

    Maybe (for those of us who don’t have web on our phone) a way to check into your flight from your phone (like you can on the Alaska site online).

    PS – Welcome to the Tivolution 🙂

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