Someone’s Broadcasting WiFi

First night in the new apartment. Sparse doesn’t even scratch the surface. I bought kitchen appliances (Microwave, Toaster, Coffee), pots and pans, dishes, silverware/utensils. I just got back from getting groceries. Now I’m cooking my first meal here. Perhaps fittingly it’s Mac and Cheese. Fired up the computer with only the expectation that I would watch a DVD or play some Freecell, but my WiFi card found a pretty good signal from a network nearby. I’m not going to exploit it or cause any trouble, but it’s nice to have a little connection to the outside world. Tomorrow I’ll be looking to buy a TV and something to set the TV on…and maybe a desk. The cable folks are coming on Wednesday to hook up broadband and digital cable…just in time for LOST. At least I have some priorities, right? No bed, no couch, but I’ll have internet and TV…and food. I went to see The Whipsaws play Saturday night in Indian, AK. I’ll post a mini review, but the short answer is that it was great to see them play again, but it will take some getting used to the contrast of venues like the Paramount Theater and The Fillmore.

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  1. Ok, maybe I am a total nerd, but one of the first things I do in a new place is see if I can steal wi-fi.

    Someday I’ll pay for my own connection but as long as the signal stays strong enough to not kick me off, why incur extra costs?

  2. Wherever it’s coming from, it isn’t strong, but the connection is fast. My new place is pretty close to your pop’s place.

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