Time Adjustment

I don’t know whether I had adjusted to daylight savings time before I left California, but it definitely started all over again a week ago when I touched down in Anchorage. Time is different up here. Not only am I now in the Alaska timezone, which is similar to central time in comparison to Eastern…so when ABC says Lost is on 10/9 central…Lost is on at 9pm in Alaska. Other than the time zone is the rapid increase in daylight on both sides of the work day. It will keep getting lighter and lighter, but it’s already lighter longer into the evenings than California. I’ve found myself working way beyond 5pm without noticing. The computer system I log into for work doesn’t have a clock in the task bar and I work in what used to be a conference room, so there’s no clock on the wall.
I expected to feel a lot colder. It’s in the 40’s which is warm enough to be melting the snow, but cold enough that California would declare a major emergency. So I anticipated being the only guy in a big jacket gloves and hat, but I stepped right into light jacket weather.
Work is taking up the majority of my time, which has put a cramp in blogging, but I’m still committed to it and even have some bigger projects in development. I’ve found updating Twitter a little easier to maintain than putting together a full post, so if you’re on twitter, add me as a friend. If you’re not on twitter, check it out and jump on the bandwagon.

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