In Case You Were Following Along…

…I’ve been in Anchorage since Tuesday night. Worked most of Wednesday and all day today. As for getting out and seeing the sights of the city…not so much. I’ve been pretty busy, but I did manage to see Lost last night and ate lunch today at Wings ‘n Things….I had the wings…no things. I’ll take some time soon to do a little more informative blogging, but for now I’ll leave you with the dawn of Dice-K.

/* Locations can be edited manually by updating ‘wx_locID’ below. Please also update */
/* the location name and link in the above div (wx_module) to reflect any changes made. */
var wx_locID = ‘99501’;

/* If you are editing locations manually and are adding multiple modules to one page, each */
/* module must have a unique div id. Please append a unique # to the div above, as well */
/* as the one referenced just below. If you use the builder to create individual modules */
/* you will not need to edit these parameters. */
var wx_targetDiv = ‘wx_module_3209’;

/* Please do not change the configuration value [wx_config] manually – your module */
/* will no longer function if you do. If at any time you wish to modify this */
/* configuration please use the graphical configuration tool found at */
/* */
var wx_config=’SZ=300×250*WX=FHW*LNK=TRVL*UNT=F*BGI=snow*MAP=null|null**TIER=0*PID=1035952019*MD5=6ba34f2f398b6d9a89e9781eaf5cc9a7′;


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  1. Good, you got there safe!! What’s goin on with the living situation? I start work tomorrow (finally). So excited!! Be in touch, Jamie

  2. You show up and they put you to work straight away?

    I can’t believe you have gone from AK to CA to AK and I am still in the UK.

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