Busy and Blogger’s Block

Two of the most common things that I hear from bloggers who are irregular with their posting is that they are busy and they don’t know what to write. Well, I find myself busy. I’m working on getting all of my stuff packed to ship to Alaska, selling my truck, and working part time from home. It’s not the type of busy that I don’t have free time, it’s the type of busy that makes me feel the impending date when loose ends must be tied. That day is next Tuesday. I’ll be jumping on a plane and heading to Alaska. So, is there any better time to participate in a little meme action? Well, Erin tagged me, and instead of just posting it, I thought I would use it as a lesson for blogger’s block. If you can’t think of anything to say, try participating in one of the memes floating around the webs.

Pretty simple, here’s the rules.

1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday, month and day only.
2. List 3 events that occurred on that day.
3. List 2 important birthdays.
4. List 1 death.
5. List a holiday or observance. (if any)
6. Tag 5 other bloggers.

March 9th

Event 1: 1841; The Supreme Court rules on the Amistad case, ruling that the Africans seized on the ship were obtained illegally.
Event 2: 1975; Construction on the Transalaskan Pipeline begins.
Event 3: 1987; U2 releases The Joshua Tree

Birthday 1: Barbie (1959)
Birthday 2: Emmanuel Lewis [Webster](1971)

Death 1: George Burns (1996 at age 100)

Holiday: Baron Bliss Day in Belize

1. The Mad Fishicist
2. Belle Etoile
3. Montes
4. ReckenRoll
5. [Sch]Metzger (if you have it in you)

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  1. Never fear, KT. A meme is the term for emails and surveys and other things that require you to pass them on. Similarly to the superhero survey you had a few months ago. Being tagged, means that you have to do the meme and then tag other bloggers. It goes on and on…I’m just playing along.

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