Arcade Fire: Take Out Your Neon Bible

The suspense can end. Arcade Fire released their highly anticipated Neon Bible on Tuesday. I’d heard most of the album through internet leaks and of course the live performances, so I knew it was going to be a great album. It’s also no surprise that it’s currently the top album in the iTunes store. Arcade Fire are probably the most hyped ‘indie’ band out there. Usually internet hype leads to disappointment, but Neon Bible is a more or less perfect follow up to Funeral. There’s the energy that has come to be expected from Arcade Fire, but there’s an element of maturity to the craftsmanship of the songs. If they can continue to stay true to their indie tip despite the hype that they could bottle, sell, and retire on the proceeds, we have lots more Arcade Fire albums for the future.

Listen and Buy: Arcade Fire – Neon Bible
Listen and Buy: Arcade Fire – Funeral

Also new this week:
Son Volt – The Search
Bright Eyes – Four Winds (EP)
Okkervil River – Black Sheep Boy

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