Recapping the Weekend

Lakers @ Warriors
I went to the opening night match-up between these two teams where without Kobe and Phil Jackson, the Lakers made the Warriors question whether they’d improved at all. What made anyone think that with Kobe and Phil the result would be different? Again, the Warriors were left questioning their existence while again causing the fans in Oakland to exit early. It was my first time seeing Kobe play in person and despite only scoring 26 points, he had an impressive game and it’s pretty amazing to see him impact the game both when the clock is running and when it’s not. He did a post-game interview and when he made his way to the locker room, you’d think it was a rock star because the stands were full and chanting MVP all around the exit tunnel.

The Oscars
Rather than some in depth analysis of the awards show (which you can probably type anything into Google today and find someone’s opinion of the Oscars), I give you my favorite moments.

Ellen asking Steven Spielberg to take a picture of her and Clint Eastwood.

Scorsese being awarded the Best Director award by Spielberg, Coppola and Lucas (?).

Clint Eastwood translating Ennio Morricone’s acceptance speech. Made me wonder if the show’s producers knew he spoke Italian or if that’s why Clint Eastwood was up there; it didn’t seem like the smoothest thing if it was planned.

Any Reese Witherspoon screen time, which if you ask me wasn’t enough.

Abigail Breslin’s reaction when Jennifer Hudson was announced the winner, it was so genuine and seemed like a 10-year old girl whose favorite movie star just won an award. Abigail will be back.

Jack Nicholson’s bald head. He’s shooting a film in which he plays a terminal cancer patient, so that’s the answer to that trivia question…

Montages. I loved the foreign film montage.

The iPhone spot. Though I thought the ad itself was a bit lame, it’s nice that they’re putting the June window for launch out in the public.

Though I missed it because I was on my way home from the game, Alan Arkin winning for Little Miss Sunshine. I’ve mentioned before that I thought his performance (whether or not he was the body in the sheet) was the best supporting performance I saw.

The Departed winning best picture.

On a separate not, I’m somewhere in the middle of watching Babel. I fell asleep watching it (which hopefully isn’t my impression of the film) and need to figure out where I left off being conscious of what was happening.

I almost forgot to mention Rainn Wilson and Arcade Fire on SNL. Though most of the show was pretty poor, I enjoyed several of the sketches and Arcade Fire (are they now Arcade Fire instead of The Arcade Fire…I’m so confused) were awesome. Guitars everywhere should watch that performance as a warning, that if their strings break, they too might be destroyed.

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