The Mixtape, Part Three: I Sink Like A Stone

So I applied just about every principle discussed in parts 1 and 2 of this series to make this mix. The glory of the iTunes is that I can publish the entire playlist as an iMix and the whole thing is available to sample and buy.

Applied Principles
I broke the rule of having a movie clip simply because it couldn’t be uploaded to iTunes, but I probably would have bookended the mix with the two quotes from High Fidelity. The title comes from a lyric in the Ryan Adams song. And it goes with the theme of some songs that tell the story that it isn’t always good and it isn’t always bad. Luminous Times is a pretty obscure U2 song, but lovely. New stuff to be exposed to could be the Swell Season song, the Julie Moffitt song, Regina Spektor and Feel. The Pixies track qualifies for the 80’s song. I’m missing a motown or bubble gum retro song, but I have the vocal standard in “Moon River.” You’re cringing at Journey, but I guarantee it will be the most played song on this list. The Mates cover isn’t necessarily rare, because it’s pretty recent, but it qualifies. Creedence will always qualify as the classic rock song. It closes out with perhaps the low point of the compilation which drives the nails deeper. All links are to iTunes.

I Sink Like A Stone: A Compilation

  1. The Arcade Fire – Wake Up (from Funeral)
  2. Kings of Leon – Slow Night, So Long (from Aha Shake Heartbreaker)
  3. Athlete – Street Map (from Tourist)
  4. The Swell Season – Leave (from The Swell Season)
  5. Journey – Don’t Stop Believing (from Escape)
  6. U2 – Luminous Times (Hold on to Love) (from With or Without You – Single)
  7. Julie Moffitt – Slow (from The Stolen EP) [More on Julie Moffitt in a future post]
  8. Louis Armstrong – Moon River (from Hello, Dolly!)
  9. The Pixies – Where is My Mind? (from Surfer Rosa)
  10. Death Cab For Cutie – This Temporary Life (from Future Soundtrack for America)
  11. Cary Brothers – Forget About You (from Waiting for Your Letter)
  12. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Wrote a Song For Everyone (from Green River)
  13. Keane – Nothing in My Way (from Under the Iron Sea)
  14. Cat Power – The Greatest (from The Greatest)
  15. Band of Horses – The Funeral (from Everything All the Time)
  16. Feel – Got Your Name On It (from Feel)
  17. Regina Spektor – Better (from Begin to Hope)
  18. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Meadowlake Street (from Cold Roses)
  19. Mates of State – California (from Music from the O.C. 6 – Covering Our Tracks)
  20. Drive-By Truckers – Goddamn Lonely Love (from The Dirty South)

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