New Music Tuesday: Delays, Tributes, and Things I Hope You Haven’t Forgotten

This week’s new releases aren’t nearly as exciting as last week’s releases from the Shins and Of Montreal. Two albums released in the US this week have been available in the UK and elsewhere for quite some time. Lily Allen is the darling of the internet and she’s also playing SaturdayNight Live this weekend, so check her unique style out. Paulo Nutini’s album has also been out in the UK and is just now hitting US stores. A tribute to the Band (The band called The Band, I know it can be confusing) is released with contributions from Death Cab For Cutie, Jackie Greene, Gomez, My Morning Jacket and Jack Johnson among others (it isn’t available in iTunes at the moment, “various artist” albums generally are harder to get loaded). Norah Jones finally releases another album. Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah were one of the indie darlings of 2005, and this is the follow up to the beloved self titled album. And Harry Connick, Jr., who happens to be a partial answer to a MKinMotion trivia question, releases an important record of songs from New Orleans (Connick’s hometown), the proceeds benefiting the continued rebuilding of New Orleans through the Musician’s Village. Previews of the Connick album are promising as he has mixed New Orleans jazz with the big band sound that put him in the mainstream back in the 90’s.

Lily Allen – Alright, Still (iTunes)
Paulo Nutini – These Streets (iTunes)
Endless Highway – The Music of the Band (Amazon)
Norah Jones – Not Too Late (iTunes)
Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah – Some Loud Thunder (iTunes)

Harry Connick, Jr. – Oh, My Nola (iTunes)

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