Called Out

Pat called me out on two things in an email this week. He mentioned that I was falling behind on my resolution to post at least once a day everyday in 2007. He also mentioned Left Arm Tan, my potential podcast. He mentioned them will all tact, so don’t get the idea that he was mean spirited, just an aside in some other discussion. As far as the resolution to post once a day, resolutions are always a challenge to uphold and while I don’t consider these multiple posts today to be making up for days I was silent, I do have more time today than the average day. I have a number of posts that I’ve written and haven’t published as well as several rattling around in my head, it’s all a matter of having time and whether the material ends up here or in other forms. As well as the podcast, I’ve been having some technical difficulties getting started. I have plenty of topics and I actually have a few people already lined up for interviews, but something is still missing that I don’t want to get into too much, not to mention a lack of time. I appreciate the prodding by Pat, though, as it has bumped Left Arm Tan up a bit in priority.

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