Who’s In Your Entourage?

I have a habit of abstaining from watching serial TV shows if I miss the first episodes. But some of my favorite shows have been serial and many of them I’ve had to figure out how to get engaged to the storyline midway through arcs. I’ve avoided a few shows because I can’t figure out what the larger arcs are. I’ve mentioned that I’ve used Netflix to catch up on The Sopranos, but I’ve also caught on to Entourage too. I remember when the show premiered, but I can’t remember why I didn’t watch it. Anyone who has HBO knows that it isn’t because the time slot conflicted with something else, because they have a habit of over exposure. The first season of Entourage engaged me, but it seemed to go pretty fast. It’s not deep stuff, even the Sopranos has several layers to the stories. Entourage is all about is its characters and the cameos. I’m enjoying the second season more than the first because the characters are even more emphasized. You have to love a show in which one episode involves Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute from the Office) playing a geeky blogger and closes with the guys in the audience of a U2 show in which Bono wishes a happy birthday to Johnny Drama. If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about a young actor in Hollywood, two childhood friends that fill the roles of his manager and his driver, and his former A-list acting older brother…and his agent played by a longtime MKinMotion favorite, Jeremy Piven. The principal character, Vince Chase, is intriguing because he’s equally interested in the craft and art of acting, as well as the inflated lifestyle of a big star. I highly recommend renting the DVD’s and starting at the beginning. It’s been nominated for Emmy’s for casting and writing and this year Jeremy Piven walked away with the supporting actor award, a role he’s been nominated for a Golden Globe for 3 years. It’s nominated for the ensemble cast Screen Actors Guild Award, as well as another nomination for Jeremy Piven. The show mocks as much as it celebrates in the entertainment industry, and its apparent parallels to Executive Producer Mark Wahlberg’s experiences in Hollywood, make it appealing on several levels.

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