New Music Tuesday: The Cover of Paste Magazine; It’ll Change Your Life

It’s a line, of course, from Garden State when we as an audience are indirectly and Andrew Largeman directly are promised that The Shins “New Slang” would change his and our lives. In a way, I’m sure it made an impact and a step in the right direction for indie music, but I’m certain that cinematic moment changed the lives of the Shins. There’s been a lot of hype about Wincing the Night Away for a few months now, and nothing can be better for your career than hype about an album that ultimately lives up to the hype. Playing Saturday Night Live can’t hurt your cause. Wincing the Night Away can go ahead and make it’s reservations now for Best of 2007 list in December. The Shin’s latest release combines the solid indie sound of their previous work with some polish and thoroughly kept my attention on my iPod today. I’m not ready to say “You gotta hear this one song – it’ll change your life,” but I’m ready to say, you’ll regret it if you don’t buy this album. The song “Split Needles” is one of the tracks on the lastest Paste CD sampler, but all the songs on the album are worthy of your time and money.

Buy Wincing the Night Away (iTunes)
Buy Garden State (Amazon)

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