Random On Blogging

The blogger’s block has been infecting me the last few days. I came across an article about blogging that I thought were worth linking to for all the other aspiring bloggers that visit. It comes from gapingvoid, Hugh MacLeod’s blog that is usually good for a cartoon and interesting observations. When he mentions A-List bloggers, he usually refers to tech bloggers. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. In the worlds of blogging and podcasting alike (I refuse to use any term that includes “osphere”; it should be everyone’s resolution for 2007 to stop using it), it seems like the high profile bloggers and podcasters tend to either have a tech background or a tech focus. In one respect it reminds me that I never posted parts 3 and 4 of my “On Blogging” series. I read tech blogs and listen to tech podcasts daily, but I think there’s infinately more in the world to blog about and podcast about, but it seems like there’s an impression usually among those that typically get listed as A-List bloggers that if it isn’t tech it isn’t worth it. What it’s created in effect is thousands of sub-standard tech blogs and podcasts that all aspire to be TWiT or Diggnation or Engadget or TechCrunch. I’m not in anyway saying that if you aren’t Leo LaPorte or Kevin Rose or Michael Arrington or Dave Winer you should stop doing what you’re doing, I’m more in favor of the opposite, but don’t feel like you have to blog or podcast about technology in order to matter. The tech slant will fade as blogs and podcasts become more and more widespread, so I encourage you to blog about anything, even tech, but more importantly perhaps, current events, politics (I have feeds from liberal, conservative and moderate blogs and enjoy all of them), sports, music, pop culture, fishing, business, as well as personal blogs that have a unique voice. I’ll subscribe to anything that I stumble on that intrigues me, but if I’m not still intrigued after a week, it’s just as easy to unsubscribe and forget about it. So I give you this link for a list of ideas to chew on.

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