Upcoming Music: Can’t Hardly Wait

2007 has more than enough potential to be another great year for music. Here are a few releases that have me more than excited for the coming months.

  • The Shins will release Wincing the Night Away on January 23rd.
  • As mentioned a few posts back, The Arcade Fire will be releasing Neon Bible in March.
  • Coldplay are set to release a highly anticipated album late in the year, probably November.
  • Wilco will release a new album in May.
  • Modest Mouse have a new record that is already being passed around the internets with former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr on the ticket.
  • Will new albums from Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Rush, Duran Duran, The Eagles, Metallica matter in today’s day and age? Will Metallica insist on some crazy DRM to prevent their music from being ripped?
  • Buzz about a 7th Radiohead album are floating around (it’s been since 2003 since Hail to the Thief)…if it happens, expect it mid year, and expect it to be their last full length studio album for a long time, if not ever.
  • Alice in Chains will release an album with a new singer (obviously).
  • The Cure are always rumored to release a huge CD, maybe a double disc, maybe utilizing a new media format.
  • Rob Thomas is busy writing new material but no one seem sure (maybe not even himself) if it’s for another solo record or for Matchbox Twenty.
  • The Thrills will have a new release this year.
  • Chinese Democracy might finally come out. It’s the long rumored release from Gun’s ‘n Roses (sorta). I saw a firm date of March 5, which is the first time I’ve seen a firm date in years.
  • Not to be outdone, Velvet Revolver will release their album for sure.
  • Iggy Pop has a record coming out produced by alt.legend Steve Albini.
  • Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, and Stereophonics will make an impact on the scene.
  • Bright Eyes might release a full length album and an EP.
  • Rumors have Howie Day releasing an album in 2nd quarter ’07.
  • The Bravery will follow up their self-titled debut with The Sun and The Moon in February.
  • For the indie kids, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!, Of Montreal, Menomena, Deerhoof, and Air make the list of upcoming releases.

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