Year End, Part 2: How Do I Get His Job?

As 2006 is in its final hours, my thoughts turn to what 2007 holds for me. It’s inevitable that MK will once again go in motion, but where, when, what, why are the questions still to be answered. I have a short list based on a few criteria, but I’m still open to any opportunities. It comes down to the right job and the right situation. I’ve always said I could figure out how to live on next to nothing if it was for the right situation. Not exactly what you want to advertise to potential employers. I was talking with a friend a few weeks ago and set the goal of figuring out a plan by New Year’s Day; That hasn’t happened, by the way.
I read a story on Digg this morning about Steve Jobs of Apple taking an annual salary of $1. You read that right, not a million, just one. It makes sense really, the market has put a price on him and his $460 million dollars in AAPL stock I’m sure is turning a slight bit of interest. Apple fans celebrate it as an altruistic gesture, but I’m gonna say it’s just less work for his accountant. Do you think he does direct deposit for his 4 cent checks twice a month? I think I would.
I’m sure there will be more about the motion as the new year develops, but feel free to make your pitches for bringing MKinMotion to a city near you.

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