How I Got the News

I woke up like I do every morning and fire up the laptop for 5-10 minutes of internet surfing. Some people use the snooze button to fall back to sleep, I use it to read up on what happened in the 8 or so hours since I went to sleep. Since I switched this blog and my sports blog over to “The New Blogger” my traffic, particularly from Google searches, has been through the roof. It’s been very interesting to see what people are looking for and deduce why they chose to visit your site with that criteria. Yesterday marked a first: For the first time ever, my sports blog had more traffic than this blog….and by a lot. When I look at the traffic 75% is Google searches…97% of those Google searches are for Erin Andrews. Must be bowl week. It seems every couple of months, she graces her beautiful face on the TV and I see the ripple effects as tons of people drop her name in Google looking for anything they can on her. This morning I noticed a strange trend on the traffic to this blog. Three people googled “living presidents” and one person googled “Gerald Ford elected.” In this day and age, that’s enough proof to publish a story. I went to to confirm the top story of the day was Gerald Ford’s passing. He was 93. I mentioned him the other day as the only president since Time Magazine started awarding people of the year to not be awarded the title, but his role in American History was critical. I think it took having someone who wasn’t elected president run the country in that time, we’re a better country for it.

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