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    I watched High Fidelity in parts this week.  It’s easily one of my favorite movies.  Partly because of the movie and partly because it’s coming up on a year since I left Alaska which has me thinking, I’ve been inspired to put together a few Top 5 lists.  The first is based on the part of the movie when Laura finds Rob’s list of “…5 things you’d do if qualifications and time and history and salary were no object.”

In the true fashion of the movie, I’m struggling with #5 and reserve the right to change it at any time.

Top 5 things I’d Do if Qualifications and Time and History and Salary Were No Object:

5.  Professional Traveling Fly Fisherman

4.  Creative Director in an Advertising Agency

3.  Record Producer

2.  Rock Star (though I’d secretly settle for managing a band)

1.  Successful Fiction Author (successful enough to be able to write when/where I want)

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  1. yeah, so…. i just passed my two year mark in october, and now my silly ass is going back. AKD offered me a great position as staff trainer with a comfy salary so how could i refuse? 🙂 from what i hear, they were never really able to fill your shoes properly.

    anyway, i’m intrigued by your top five, so i’ll add my own-

    1. makeup artist

    2. professional blogger

    3. columnist for a trendy women’s magazine

    4. national spa and salon critic

    5. coffee shop owner in italy or greece

  2. Now that I can comment again…

    1) Rock Star
    2) Travel Writer
    3) Restauranteur w/my own cooking show
    4) Martha Stewart (w/o the criminal record)
    5)International Woman of Mystery (being a spy would be so cool)

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