On Blogging Part Two: The Personal Blog

As I continue to encourage all of you to blog, I can’t go further into the discussion without talking a little about the personal blog. My history tells me that this is how it all started: the weblog. I may be wrong, but the early blogs I remember in the early 00’s were mainly online diaries and links. The beginnings of both blogging and social bookmarking. Just as digital cameras have made photographers out of everyone, blogs have made webmasters of us all too.

The personal blog is the easiest of my three types of blogs to involve yourself in. The subject is easy: It’s all about you. MKinMotion is an example of a personal blog. Whether it’s commentary on current events, movie reviews, music recommendations or just rambling and ranting, it remains a place for people to keep track of what I’m up to but maybe more clear, what I’m thinking.

Personal blogs, as mentioned in Part One, can revolve around an event or series of events. Personal blogs can also be shared by multiple friends or family members. Personal blogs rarely break a news story, but more likely react to a news story. They come in all shapes and sizes. I have several personal blogs loaded in my RSS reader of people who I’ve never met, but have somehow been introduced (perhaps through the “Six Degrees of Blogging”) or they got featured or just mentioned somewhere else I read. Two examples:

Betsy is “Blogging the World Over” currently from Galapagos.

Will is hilariously being the boy at “Be the Boy.”

I’ve never met either of them, but I feel a little like I know them from keeping up with their blogs. Several friends have personal blogs, you can find them in the sidebar. Professionals not blogging as professionals, teachers blogging about their schools, and friends blogging about their lives. Just another reason to get started on your blog today; while you’ve got something to say.

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