Beer City

I grew up in Portland, so I took a little pride in seeing this story pass through my newsreader.  As soon as I saw the headline, I thought Portland would be on the list, though when I saw that it was worldwide I had a twinge of doubt.  Forgive me, Portland for doubting you.

Portland is ranked 8th in the world for beer friendly cities.  With such heavyweights as Dublin (Ireland, not California), Sapporo (is the beer named after the city, or the city named after the beer?), and Berlin, Portland, Oregon joined Burlington, Vermont (!) as the only U.S. cities to make this list.

With breweries like McMenamins, Widmer, and Bridgeport; and with the history of the Weinhard Brewery, it’s hard not to notice the beer culture in Portland.  Add Bend and Hood River to the mix and there isn’t much more you can ask for with Deschutes Brewery and Full Sail respectively.

Congratulations, P-Land, Rose City, River City, Bridgetown, Stumptown, Puddletown, and PDX; you can now chalk up a new nickname as you are now world famous for your beer. 

You can read more about the world of beer here.

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