New Music Tuesday: 9

For several weeks I’ve been reading on the internets for weeks about the new Damien Rice album 9 being streamed here and there, though other than the demo version of “9 Crimes” which has been floating around longer than that, I resisted the urge to preview the album.  So I’ve been anticipating this morning for a few weeks and I quickly bought and downloaded 9 from the iTunes Store (Formerly the iTunes Music Store).  I didn’t know what to expect, having fallen in love with his last album O, there was the potential for a letdown.   By the way, if O isn’t in your music collection, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t add it ASAP.

What Irishman Damien Rice did with 9 was not only continue some of the sounds and themes from O, but he added another dimension…For lack of a better term, I will call it the “Rock Factor.”  Don’t get me wrong it still has the quiet, gentle, and almost uncomfortably honest songs that the world fell in love with on O.  As you listen, you will notice the song “Elephant” which according to one source, was originally titled “Blower’s Daughter Part 2” and just as the song ends and the next song, “Rootless Tree” begins you take this journey I speak of into the “Rock Factor.”  It might take you by surprise…it took me by surprise. 

One of the podcasts I listen to regularly (which will remain nameless) mentioned an album from an artist that I will not share (because they have no place on and they mentioned off-handedly that they only purchased the song that was rated the highest on iTunes.  It made me realize that a lot of people probably do this.  Instead of purchasing a whole album, they might buy 1 or 2 tracks that are rated the highest.  If this is you, I recommend you grab “Elephant”, “Rootless Tree”, “Accidental Babies”, and “9 Crimes”…and if you’re feeling adventurous, yet not adventurous to throw $9.90 at a great album, throw in “Sleep Don’t Weep” for good measure.

Do yourself a favor and buy 9 and O (if you haven’t already).  Treat yourself to some brilliant music.


Buy Damien Rice -O

Buy Damien Rice – 9

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