Delayed Gratification

In the past, I’ve generally kept sports related posts over at my sports blog, but lately I’ve been leaking some here.  MLB postseason awards are a long drawn out process.  What we know so far is that the Hank Aaron awards went to Derek Jeter and Ryan Howard, the Comeback Players of the Year were Nomar Garciaparra and Jim Thome (despite my campaigning for Frank Thomas).  The Hank Aaron awards were created in 1999 and a trend of giving the award to the MVP runner up has been in place recently.  Last season David Ortiz and Andruw Jones won the award (both runners up to A-Rod and Pujols respectively).  Carlos Delgado was awarded with the Roberto Clemente award.  The Gold Glove awards were announced in both leagues this past week with little surprise.  I know of a few Red Sox fans who feel Alex Gonzalez was deserving of the AL shortstop Gold Glove, but that honor went to Jeter (his 3rd consecutive).  Is it ironic that Kenny Rogers won the AL Gold Glove for pitchers and he was about the only Tiger pitcher that didn’t throw a ball away in the World Series (and the only Tiger pitcher to get a win)?  In the National League, Brad Ausmus won the Gold Glove for catching, but Yadier Molina put himself on the radar for consideration next year with his performance in the Postseason.  Albert Pujols and Scott Rolen won Gold Gloves for first and third base respectively.  Perennial Gold Glover Jim Edmonds was left out of the awards breaking his streak at 6 in a row.  We still have the Rookie of the Year (Nov. 13), Cy Young (NL Nov. 14, AL Nov. 16), Manager of the Year (Nov. 15), and the MVP award (NL Nov. 20, AL Nov. 21).  I will have further thoughts on the awards season as well as following college football, the NFL and the NBA over at the One,Two,Three Strikes Blog.

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